Rhabdomyolysis and Kidney Failure: Prove The Link With Animation

Rhabdomyolysis is a condition that requires an emergency response. If it results from someone's action, legal animation is a suitable ally in court.

Kidney problems are accompanied by a series of medical monotony and unprepared financial burdens. They are caused by several factors that range from trauma, hereditary factors, and sometimes age-related factors. Rhabdomyolysis can cause many health complications, one of which is kidney failure. Torres (2015), in his publication, defined rhabdomyolysis as “a complex medical condition involving the rapid dissolution of damaged or injured skeletal muscle.” 

Rhabdomyolysis is characterized by symptoms such as muscle weakness, dark red or brown urine, lack of urination, muscle pain in the shoulders, lower back or thighs, and abdominal pains.

When rhabdomyolysis leads to a health complication like kidney failure, it can be illustrated with legal animation in the instance of a lawsuit.

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Legal animation is generally used in complex cases to simplify facts in an issue and further solidify evidence. 

In a case involving kidney failure caused by rhabdomyolysis, many factors would be involved, such as the cause, the person who caused it, and the circumstances surrounding the case. Legal animation helps to properly organize the facts into a creative and more understandable format, increasing the clarity of the jury selected for that case. 

Therefore, when rhabdomyolysis is caused mainly by the omission to act or action of another person, with the service of an experienced attorney, expert witness, and an experienced legal animation company, establishing and winning a case of this sort would be stress-free.

What Are The Causes Of Rhabdomyolysis? 

Rhabdomyolysis can be caused by different factors, sometimes traumatic or non-traumatic. However, in both circumstances, it can be caused by another person, which would inevitably lead to a lawsuit.

Here are some of the possible causes of rhabdomyolysis: 

  1. Electric shock injury 

Rhabdomyolysis is characterized by the death of muscle fiber released into the bloodstream, thus overwhelming the kidney in its functions and leading to its failure. When there is an electric shock injury or even third-degree burns, the dead fibers can be released into the bloodstream.

Electric shock injury can be caused by different classes of people. For instance, a child can be exposed to electric shock at school due to the negligence of the teachers. It can also occur in a place of work, in industrial settings, or in a supermarket. When this happens, a lawsuit with a negligence claim can be established through negligence before the court. 

  1. A crush injury 

A crush injury can result from the collapse of a building, a fall, an auto accident, or assault. In each of these possible scenarios, the happening can be some other person’s fault. In the case of a building collapse, the error may have been from the construction workers or company that executed the project. 

Whichever may be the case, a crush injury can mistakenly release dead muscle fiber into the bloodstream with a risk of kidney failure.

The faulty party can be charged to court with different charges depending on the crush incident. The list of complex facts can be unified and simplified when presented to the jury with legal animation.

  1. Prolonged immobilization leads to long-lasting muscle compression.

When a person lies on a hard surface for a long time, muscles can be compressed. While this may be the sole fault of the victim, there are also situations where the victim did not so much as decide by their own will to lay on a hard surface. 

For instance, if a person is held against his will in a case of kidnapping and was held immobilized on a hard surface, there is a risk of muscle compression. Also, when there is domestic abuse to partners or children, the abuser may leave the victim immobilized on a hard surface for an extended period. 

A lawsuit can be filed to bring the offender to justice in each scenario. A legal animation is a reliable tool in proving such facts to the court. 


A case of rhabdomyolysis leading to renal failure can be complex and difficult to relate to by the jury. With the aid of legal animation in court, the jury will be guided on the case’s facts and give appropriate judgments.

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