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bone crack skull
bone crack skull
brain injury
brain injury
eye injury
eye injury
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spine injury
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Science & Engineering
Graphic Studio

Science & Engineering Graphic Studio

1 Picture = 1000 Words

Bone Fracture

Bring CT or X-Rays to life by showing compelling and accurate bone fractures in a 3D demonstrative.

Brain Injury

Accurately show brain injuries derived from MRIs in ways everyone can understand. Our MRI-based 3D models and exhibits have been admitted as evidence in court and verified by the top neuroradiologists in the country.

Our Case

$13M Carbon Monoxide
Brain Injury

MedMal Verdict Won -Spinal Cord Compression Results in Paralysis

$100,000,000 Construction Case – Won

Ethylene Pump Failure

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Industry Leaders in
Forensic Graphics

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We have worked with some of the top attorneys in the nation to bring amazing results to extremely high-profile cases.  The Fox team creating your graphics are:
  • Previously Tendered Expert Witnesses
  • Orthopedic and Medical Industry Professionals
  • Professional Engineers
  • Accident Reconstruction II Accredited from Northwestern University
  • Experienced in Creating Thousands of Animations Extensively Used in Trial and Admitted as Evidence
  • OSHA Certified
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