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Fox-AE is the Industry Leader in Medical Demonstratives

Traumatic brain injuries, spinal injuries, medical malpractice, surgery animations, and medical demonstratives are among the vast range of our medical exhibit offering.

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Our Professional Engineers are the Animators



Our animators are also professional engineers, and have an extensive knowledge of scientific animation. We create state-of-the-art accident reconstruction animations that can compel any jury. Whether it is vehicular, trucking, construction, or personal injury at work, we bring excellence to any accident reconstruction animation.

Over a decade of experience

With upwards of ten years of engineering and field experience in the construction industry, we can communicate with your experts like no other. As project engineers for over $100M worth of projects, we have an intricate understanding of schedule impacts, construction means and methods, differing site conditions, OSHA violations, and much more.



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We bring mRIs to life


2D & 3D Visualizations from Medical Scans

Thousands of our demonstratives have made it to trial and mediation, drastically increasing the odds of a successful outcome. Many of the top attorneys and expert witnesses in the nation have used and recommended our products.

Animations and Demonstratives that can Prove Actual and Proximate Cause

Personal injury

The overwhelming satisfaction of our clients is living proof that we are the best in the business for animated engineering. Our purpose is to streamline the information transfer process from you to the jury. A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video can be worth a million words.


Fox Animated Engineering
Animations and Illustrations for Trial

Our certified expert team of engineers and medical illustrators can create stunning custom legal animations and illustrations that will bring clarity to any situation.

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Griffith J. Winthrop, III

Attorney at Law
Malouf & Nockels, LLP

Stephen Malouf

Cody and his team at Fox-AE did a great job for our trial team and clients. We gave them a very short deadline and they produced high quality animation, specifically tailored to our complex case. We represented six plaintiffs who suffered brain injuries from exposure to carbon monoxide in a commercial office building.

The case was heavily litigated for 3 years and the cause and origin of the carbon monoxide was in dispute. Cody was able to work tirelessly with our team and our expert to bring our expert's cause and origin opinions to life in vivid and persuasive detail.

I produced the animation to the other side on the Thursday before we started a month long trial. The case settled within 24 hours for a total recovery of $13,000,000.00.

Over 2 decades I have used several animation firms nationwide to prepare medical animations based upon diagnostic imaging, e.g., x-rays, CT’s, and MRI’s. The work product was always acceptable, but never up to state-of-the-art standards for cutting-edge animation – until now.

I reached out to Fox-AE after receiving an email from their Marketing Director. The email included a link to an exemplar animation. After viewing the animation, I knew that I wanted to give Fox-AE a chance. I arranged to have the Fox-AE animation engineer fly in to meet our neuroradiology expert and review the MRI together. From there, the engineer worked with the expert to ensure that the animation was an exact match with the MRI.

The result was stunning in every respect. The precision with which the animator accurately captured the MRI was without peer. Every person who has seen the animation is struck by its detail and flow. First-rate in every respect. Use Fox-AE whenever possible – your client and the jury will thank you. Opposing counsel will not.

$13M Case, Settled in Less Than 24 Hours
Medical Imaging Modeled in 3D with Perfection
Testimonials-image Griffith-J.-Winthrop,-III Stephen-Malouf Testimonials-image

Douglas D. Hoffman

CEO/President at NORMI
Owner, Performance Analysis

Edward K. Carrick, P.E.

Fox-AE accurately depicted the complex functions of our intellectual property with simplicity and clarity. Their illustrations and animations showed air purification processes of our patented technology, naked to the human eye.

After the graphics were completed and shared, my 6 year old grandson now understands the mechanical principles and biological processes of our machines.

The jury was like a deer in headlights as I described extremely complex Diagnostic Trouble Codes of a Power Steering System on the stand. After we laid the foundation, I re-explained my opinions while the animation was playing simultaneously.

The once half awake and confused jury was now engaged, even nodding their heads in agreement. Solid expert opinion together with Fox-AE's Animation and Video Deposition was unstoppable during this improper installation/product failure case.

Out of hundreds of cases, this was the single most difficult case I've ever rendered an opinion, and I was glad to have Fox-AE on my team. Our client won the trial.

Elite Intellectual Property Illustrations
Animation Made Complex Power Steering System Simple
Testimonials-image Testimonials-image Douglas-D.-Hoffman Edward-K.-Carrick,-P.E.

Jill Harper

Harper, Evans, Wade & Netemeyer
Baseluos Law Firm

Mike Baseluos

Working with Cody was an exceptional experience. He was very professional, efficient, and worked incredibly well with our medical experts. His animations were perfect and helped explain to the jury the in-depth complicated procedures my client had to endure.

Would highly recommend him and will certainly use him again in the future.

FOX AE was instrumental in helping me settle a dog attack case. They developed a distinct video of the attack and a subsequent video of the knee arthroscopy and knee replacement.

They made a strong effort to nail down details by speaking to my client and myself on numerous phone calls and integrating the operative report and MRIs into the videos.

The price was reasonable and the turnaround time was outstanding. I received compliments from lawyers, experts, and the client.

I was extremely happy and I would not hesitate to use them again on a serious injury case

Procedures Made Simple
Dog Attack Case Won
Testimonials-image Testimonials-image Jill-Harper Mike-Baseluos

Henry Lipian, M.E.

Owner, Introtech Crash Reconstruction
Edelman & Thompson, LLC

Brendan C. Buckley

I am writing in regard to our professional experience with Cody Roberts. Our company is a forensic investigation and reconstruction firm dealing with watercraft, aviation and land transportation incidents and crashes. As such, there are times when we need to present our opinions to the trier of facts including animations or other 3D graphics.

In the cases where we need outside assistance, we have utilized Cody Roberts. In addition to the high quality of his graphics, it is important to us that we can easily contact an independent contractor and keep the lines of communications open. Mr. Roberts has excelled at the both the quality of his graphics and administrative issues such as meeting deadlines, communications, and maintaining budgetary constraints. It is imperative that any outside contractor that we involve in our work maintain the highest standards of integrity, accuracy and quality of work. Mr. Roberts has met that standard for us. I would recommend him highly for any position of trust and professionalism.

I’ve used Fox AE to provide detailed animations to demonstrate various types of surgical procedures performed on my clients with personal injury claims. The high-quality animations provide a platform for the medical experts to visually explain the injury to the jury and the surgical procedure performed.

Instead of boring the jury with technical medical/legal terms, the high quality animations paint a clear and unforgettable picture that doesn’t get lost in translation.

Perhaps, more importantly, the animations provide an opportunity to enhance the value of your client’s case before trial. Once the adjuster sees what the jury will see, often times, the adjuster understand the real value of your client’s case before trial.

Excellent Graphics with Excellent Communication
Paint a Clear and Unforgettable Picture
Testimonials-image Testimonials-image Henry-Lipian,-M.E. Brendan-C.-Buckley

Chris Finney

Finney Injury Law
Cokinos Law

Gregory Cokinos

My firm recently used Fox AE on a multi-level disc replacement animation. The value was incredible—it’s affordable on almost all cases.

The product exceeded expectations and the team was receptive to our feedback and implemented specific changes we wanted.

Really happy with their work and will use again!

The animations can be summed up in one word – Glorious!

Value was Incredible
Construction Animations
Testimonials-image Testimonials-image Chris-Finney Gregory-Cokinos

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