Our Services

Medical Exhibits

Medical Animations

Our medical animations are used in many highly contested cases, and have been admitted as substantive evidence because of their incredible precision. 

Medical Illustrations

We can provide demonstrative still shots to suit cases of all sizes. Sometimes people need to see something to be able to believe it.

Surgery Animations

We can create animations that walk the viewer through any kind of surgical procedure, whether it’s a knee arthroscopy or a spinal abscess removal. 

Cauda Equina

Personal Injury Animation

Herniations and knee replacements happen every day, and have become regular news. This creates a misconception about the seriousness of these injuries. Showing an animation that goes through the procedure to repair an injury to the body can bring a new perspective for the jury to appreciate the extensive pain and suffering involved in such injuries.

Traumatic Brain Injury Animation

Concussions and brain bleeds are serious matters. We can create stunningly realistic models of the brain that show what happens when the body incurs a serious blow to the head in precise detail.

Accident Reconstruction

When it comes to personal injury, the elements of causation and magnitude of pain and suffering are critical for the jury to understand. There’s no better way to communicate information than through one of our state-of-the-art accident animations.

Vehicular Accident Reconstruction Animation

Demonstrating liability by providing a video that details the events of a wreck is the most efficient way to streamline the information transfer process from plaintiff to jury. We can uncover the facts behind the events that led to a collision, and create an animation that matches our findings.

Construction Animation

Our staff’s extensive engineering experience in the construction industry has allowed us to become the top construction animation company in the nation. This expertise allows us to create animations that are to scale, and possess an engineering level of precision.

Intellectual Property Animation

When hearing about something for the first time, it’s challenging to understand how it works without seeing it in action. We can produce animations that beautifully illustrate the inner-workings of your intellectual property for legal battles, or attracting investment.

Trial Animation

We’ve created thousands of legal animations for the courtroom that have been used in trials. Each one has served as an effective visual aid for the jury to fully understand the complex material that is being communicated.

Forensic Animation

Our investigative abilities have allowed us to excel as one of the top forensic animation companies in the nation. We can recreate the scene of any incident, from murder or suicide cases to accident reconstruction.