Vehicular Accident Reconstruction

We’ve all heard it before. “I never saw him, then I heard a thud.” While this cliche can be true, many times it turns out to be a cover for the defendant’s negligence. The problem arises when trying to illustrate liability. When it comes down to the word of your client versus the word of the defendant, there’s no real way to know who’s telling the truth.

This is where accident reconstructionists come in. We’re able to read black box data and determine with incredible precision the location and speed of the vehicles involved in any collision. Even when skid marks aren’t available for analysis, we’re among some of the most resourceful reconstructionists in the industry, and we can usually deduce what happened in a collision.

Here at Fox-AE, we always put our best effort into our work product. The statistics say that visuals work. The attorneys and expert witnesses say that we have the best visuals. When it comes to vehicular accident reconstruction, or any other kind of animation, we are best.

Vehicular Accident Reconstruction Cases & Studies

Legal Animation for Vehicular Accident Reconstruction

Once the facts are laid out, our highly acclaimed team of animators begin to create an illustration depicting the events of the collision. We’re able to render even the most complex situations in astonishing detail. Our state-of-the-art animations have been used in cases with verdicts up to $100 million, and we have yet to disappoint a client.

Brendan Buckley of Edelman and Thompson, LLC says:

“I’ve used Fox AE to provide detailed animations to demonstrate various types of surgical procedures performed on my clients with personal injury claims. The high-quality animations provide a platform for the medical experts to visually explain the injury to the jury and the surgical procedure performed. Instead of boring the jury with technical medical/legal terms, the high quality animations paint a clear and unforgettable picture that doesn’t get lost in translation. Perhaps, more importantly, the animations provide an opportunity to enhance the value of your client’s case before trial. Once the adjuster sees what the jury will see, oftentimes, the adjuster understands the real value of your client’s case before trial.”

Improve retention for the jury

Animations have the potential to drastically improve retention for the jury. Douglas Vogel’s conclusion after conducting a study on persuasion and the role of visual presentation support was that: “Perceptions of the presenter as well as audience attention, comprehension, yielding, and retention are enhanced when presentation support is used compared to when it is not. Presentations using visual aids were found to be 43% more persuasive than unaided presentations.”

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