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Intellectual Property made Simple
with Animation

Defending your client’s intellectual property can be streamlined using animation. Illustrate your client’s property compared with what was illegally produced, and increase simplicity for the jury.

Communicating how patented material functions to non-industry experts can be daunting. Ideas you attempt to convey may have never been seen before, and new concepts are often hard to understand. If people don’t know exactly how your intellectual property works, it is impossible for them to determine whether or not it was stolen or copied.

We provide different options for intellectual property cases, depending on your needs.

“The Meeting Saver”

Necessary Solution

Persuade, educate, and convey complex principles about intellectual property with a simple animation. Clearly and concisely show how patented material functions, by cutting exterior components in half and displaying the inside. According to TRIAL magazine, Law Technology News, and ABA’s SOLO, a jury’s ability to retain information is 650% greater when audio and visual information is presented. Become seven times more effective when communicating complex principles to non-industry experts by utilizing our animations and graphics.


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