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“To Whom It May Concern:
I am writing in regard to our professional experience with Cody Roberts. Our company is a forensic investigation and reconstruction firm dealing with watercraft, aviation and land transportation incidents and crashes. As such, there are times when we need to present our opinions to the trier of facts including animations or other 3D graphics. In the cases where we need outside assistance, we have utilized Cody Roberts. In addition to the high quality of his graphics, it is important to us that we can easily contact an independent contractor and keep the lines of communications open. Mr. Roberts has excelled at the both the quality of his graphics and administrative issues such as meeting deadlines, communications, and maintaining budgetary constraints. It is imperative that any outside contractor that we involve in our work maintain the highest standards of integrity, accuracy and quality of work. Mr. Roberts has met that standard for us. I would recommend him highly for any position of trust and professionalism.”

Henry Lipian, M.E. – Owner, Introtech Crash Reconstruction

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