Fast-Track Your Anoxic Brain Injury Case With Legal Animation

Anoxic brain injury can result from carbon monoxide poisoning. In a personal injury case, litigation animation can be used to prove fault to the jury.
Anoxic Brain Injury
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Exposure to carbon monoxide, whether directly or indirectly, has debilitating effects on the environment and people’s health. Among other things, carbon monoxide fumes can cause soil pollution, water pollution, air pollution, global warming, and the destruction of wildlife. If exposed to carbon monoxide, there is a risk of a health problem such as anoxic brain injury or even death. 

In the case of Anderson v. Highland House Corporation, due to a faulty and poorly managed heating system that caused leakage of carbon monoxide into an apartment, a tenant was severely injured while another sadly died.

Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless gas that is detrimental to human health. It is a product of incomplete combustion of carbonaceous material. Since carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless, it is pretty difficult to know when there is a carbon monoxide leakage, equally leading to poisoning. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “every year, at least 430 people die in the U.S from accidental CO poisoning. Approximately 50,000 people in the U.S visit the emergency department each year due to accidental CO poisoning.”

How Can Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Lead To Anoxic Brain Injury?

The red blood cells usually pick up carbon monoxide faster than it picks up oxygen. If a person is exposed to carbon monoxide, the oxygen in the body will be swiftly replaced by carbon monoxide, thereby exposing the body, including the brain, to great harm.

It is popularly known that the brain requires a regular influx of oxygen to function correctly. Hence, when such supply is interrupted, for instance, due to exposure to carbon monoxide, the brain can be in danger of irreversible damage, one of which is an anoxic brain injury.

In an article by Shepherd Center, anoxic brain injury was stated to be caused by “a complete lack of oxygen to the brain, which results in the death of brain cells after approximately four minutes of oxygen deprivation.” 

A lawsuit may ensue whenever carbon monoxide poisoning results in anoxic brain injury. 

This is because the effect of this condition is severe and life-changing. This is why litigation animation is an undefeatable ally in a court battle involving anoxic brain injury.

What Are The Causes Of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

Carbon monoxide poisoning is very dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. Preventive measures such as installing carbon monoxide detectors can be put in place to ensure the safety of everyone. 

However, poisoning is inevitable when safety measures are not upheld at home, in the industry, on the street, or in other commercial settings. 

In the wake of such a situation, litigation animation can be used to highlight the negligence in taking reasonable care and the resultant effect of causing anoxic brain injury in the victim. 

Here are some of the causes of carbon monoxide poisoning:

  1. Burning of fuel in an enclosed place

Burning of fuel in an enclosed environment is inherently hazardous because of fire hazards and the risk of inhalation of carbon monoxide. For instance, if a neighbor decides to run a car engine or barbecue inside a garage, there could be a risk of poisoning themselves and other people around. 

A case of nuisance or negligence can be brought before the court while using litigation animation to illustrate tragic effects like anoxic brain injury or heart problem. 

  1. Blocked chimneys and flues

To ensure proper ventilation in any place where fuel is being burnt, there must be a chimney that lets out the smoke. Sadly, when the chimney or flue is blocked, dangerous fumes like carbon monoxide will not escape as they should but will settle into the surroundings, thus exposing people to grave health problems. 

This kind of issue can be easily gotten into industrial settings with workers suffering from the negligence of the company. A case of negligence can be brought against the company with the aid of litigation animation to receive appropriate compensation.

  1. Blocked or faulty car exhausts

When the exhausts of motor vehicles are blocked or not in proper working condition, there can be a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. The passengers in the vehicle and people close by are at high risk, especially children, the aged, and pregnant women. 

In this kind of incident, a case of negligence or product liability, depending on the uniqueness of the case, can be filed with the aid of litigation animation to ensure an easy win. 

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