Prove The Cause Of Your Disc Extrusion Using Litigation Animation

An extruded disc can cause immeasurable pain. This is why the law promotes justice by allowing the use of litigation animation to prove a disc extrusion case.
Disc Extrusion
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The spine provides a unique function to the human body. It is the central structure in charge of stability and balance. An article by Spine Institute titled Understanding Spinal Anatomy: Overview of the Spine, “ explained that the functions of the spine include protecting the spinal cord, nerve roots, and several of the body’s internal organs, providing structural support and balance to maintain an upright posture and enabling flexible motion.” A spine can be affected when disc herniation happens. This injury affects the intervertebral discs that are present in the spine. A disc extrusion is one of the sore types of herniations that can occur to a disc. Sometimes a disc extrusion surgery may be required for treatment.

What is Disc Herniation?

The spinal disc contains a soft center encased in a tougher yet rubbery exterior (nucleus). A herniated disc injury occurs when the nucleus gets pushed out through a tear in the rubbery exterior (annulus).

According to an article by Mayo Clinic on Herniated discs, a herniated disc refers to “a problem with one of the rubbery cushions (discs) that sit between the bones (vertebrae) that stack to make your spine.” There are different types of disc herniation, one of which is extruded disc herniation (disc extrusion). The other types are disc protrusion and disc sequestration.

Disc Extrusion

What is Disc Extrusion?

In an article by Spine/Rx, a disc extrusion is described as “a type of severe disc herniation.” It was further revealed that disc extrusion happens “when the center – or nucleus – of an intervertebral disc escapes from the center of the disc.”

An extruded disc is more severe than a protruded disc This is because while the nucleus in a protruded disc bulges from the disc, the outer layer is not affected. On the flip side, the nucleus in an extruded disc breaks through the disc’s outer layer. An extruded disc can be caused by illness, trauma, car accident, and workplace accident. It could also be caused by overexertion, fall, obesity, and the natural aging process.

Therefore, an extruded disc can be caused by the nature of a person’s job, battery, or by accident.

Litigation Animation And Its Role In Proving The Major Elements Of A Disc Extrusion Case

Disc extrusion can be caused by negligence, fatal car accident, workplace-related hazard, or direct trauma on the body. These cases are treated as unique in whatever jurisdictions they may be tried.

However, whether the case falls under medical malpractice or any other personal injury case, the disc extrusion recovery process can cause a lot. Thus, it’s only right to fight for the maximum compensation possible. Hence, there are some elements that you must prove alongside all the elements provided by law for each type of case. They are as follows:

It must be proven that the plaintiff has been diagnosed with a disc extrusion

A case cannot be started before a court based on a mere hunch. Therefore, before a lawsuit is brought to court, you must check if your facts are correct. For example, in a case involving an extruded disc, the plaintiff must have gone to a certified hospital to run the necessary tests. This must be done to confirm the injury.

In stating the above before the court, word of mouth alone will not suffice. You need to present a medical report stating the diagnosis, the record of treatment, and the treatment progress. In some cases, a medical report of the regression of the plaintiff’s spine.

For a disc extrusion case, along with a disc extrusion MRI that can be provided by a medical expert, litigation animation can be used to explain the diagnosis and condition of the plaintiff.

It must be proven that the disc extrusion happened because of the defendant’s act or omission.

It is one thing to be injured, then it’s another thing for the injury to be the fault of another person.

Hence, the extruded disc must have been because of the action or inaction of the defendant. The testimony of an expert witness can prove this. He/she will be able to carry the jury along. Hence, connecting the acts or inaction of the defendant with the injury by using litigation animation.

For example, if the cause of the injury was battery, litigation animation will show the defendant’s action and the resultant impact on the plaintiff’s spine.

It must be proven that the disc extrusion has caused harm to the plaintiff.

One of the reasons for approaching the court is to get compensation because of the injury that has been caused.

Hence, the plaintiff must be ready to make known the effects of the injury to the court. This includes pain, numbness, bowel dysfunction, inability to perform daily tasks, loss of future earnings, disability, and financial loss due to treatments.


To prove the cause of a disc extrusion with animation, one must work with an experienced legal animation company. At Fox-AE, our team of medical illustrators works closely with attorneys and expert witnesses. This is to ensure we create admissible demonstrative exhibits.

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