Greenstick Fracture Case: Litigation Animation to the Rescue

Greenstick fracture is an irksome injury to the bone that can cause unpleasant pain and mobility issues. Litigation animation can help in proving such a case.
Greenstick Fracture
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Greenstick fracture derives its name from the notable characteristics of green sticks. Cluett (2020), in his article titled Green Stick Fractures in Children, stated that “the term “greenstick fracture” is used because it evokes a young, green branch that bends, and even splinters, but doesn’t fully break.

Therefore, greenstick fracture is breaking the bone halfway and not all the way through. Mayo Clinic explains in an article that “greenstick fracture occurs when a bone bends and cracks, instead of breaking completely into separate pieces.

The fracture looks similar to what happens when you try to break a small, “green” branch on a tree.”

Who Is Most At Risk Of Greenstick Fractures?

Greenstick fractures are common with children. This is because their bones are brittle and not as strong as that of an adult. This bone injury can occur when a child breaks the fall with his or her hand in a bid to stop a fall or mitigate the effect of a fall. Greenstick fractures can also occur due to a direct impact, accident, abuse, and battery.

Greenstick Fracture
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Adults are not usually found with greenstick fractures because they have much stronger bones than children. However, it is possible to see one or two cases of greenstick fracture in adults.

Cases of greenstick fractures are not foreign to the court of law. There have been cases of both children and adults.

In the case entitled Matter of Jaiden T.G, a mother and her paramour were charged before the family court with a case of abuse of her four-month-old daughter, which resulted in a greenstick fracture of her right arm. The respondent, in this case, was able to prove that the abuse occurred while her daughter was in the care of her paramour.

Another case that involves greenstick fracture is the case of Olson v. Weitz. The greenstick fracture, in this case, occurred in an adult who claimed that there was medical malpractice in the treatment of her greenstick fracture, which led to a complication in her bone.

Featuring Litigation Animation In Your Greenstick Fracture Case

Greenstick fracture can be caused by the action or omission of another person in the form of abuse, negligence, automobile accident, falls, or battery. No matter how mild a greenstick fracture is in an arm or leg, it would require a cast to prevent further fracture and enhance the healing of the arm or leg.

Using a cast will undoubtedly discomfort a person and prevent them from performing daily movements, including walking.

More so, the immobility or inactivity caused by the fracture can also lead to loss of earnings. Therefore, it is essential to go the extra length in proving your greenstick fracture case using litigation animation. 

Litigation animation can assist your greenstick fracture case in the following ways:

  1. Unscramble complex medical terminologies

In any medical case, medical terminologies must be used to communicate the plaintiff’s challenge. However, the average jury that is uneducated in medicine will be lost in the jumble of medical jargon. This is why litigation animation will assist your attorney and your expert witness to work the jury through the plaintiff’s medical history and present condition.

  1. Persuasion of the jury

An attorney has the single-handed function of convincing the jury about his client’s condition and the cause of the condition. This is why it is essential to hire an attorney that can efficiently work a room. It must be noted that persuasion is not arrived at with a jumble of nice-sounding words. One of the elements of persuasion is understanding. If the jury understands, they will be persuaded. Litigation animation is an excellent weapon of persuasion because, by its nature, it fosters understanding.

Hence, to persuade a jury about your greenstick fracture or your child’s, you need to feature litigation animation in your case.


Fractures are extremely painful and will cause temporary restrictions or long-term restrictions in some unfortunate cases. This is why you need to protect your child and yourself from the effect of greenstick fractures. In a situation where this condition cannot be avoided, compensation must be sought in the court of law with the help of litigation animation.

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