Can Courtroom Animation Serve As A Time Machine?

You can purposely travel back in time to see how an event happened with a time machine. Courtroom animation can also show you how an event occurred in the past.

In as much as we refer to traveling back in time as a fantasy only played on screens by Marvel Entertainment and other film producers, most people would love the idea of experiencing what it looks like. However, innovations in technology have made it possible for the human race to experience what it can look like to travel back in time. One of such innovations in technology is courtroom animation. 

Imagine being in a courtroom as a jury member, and right before your eyes, a traffic accident that happened in your absence is being recreated. Parties and factors are remodeled, and the event is being played right before you. That’s the time travel power that a courtroom animation possesses.

Investigation of cases can take some time before it starts, and it can span up to months or even years. This could have been a significant source of concern in the past as the environment may have changed irrevocably. However, with courtroom animation, the environment can be recreated and preserved in such a way that facts around a case will still be upheld and presented as they happened.

Time Machine Feature of Courtroom Animation

A typical example of this feature is the courtroom animation below.

A cyclist riding his bicycle got hit by a driver coming out of a side road. Trees growing on the side of the road were said to have obstructed the driver’s view and led to the collision. However, it is not out of place for the community or house owner to trim the trees or totally cut them down, making the evidence in a case being tampered with.

But with courtroom animation, the growing tree, which was a feature of the side road in the past, can be recreated to show how it led to the accident even though it’s not a feature physically present on the side road again.

Another perfect example is the courtroom animation below, showing vehicle collisions that happened in the middle of the night.

With courtroom animation, the collision was recreated to show the jury how the event played out even though they were never present there. This will go a long way in helping them understand the circumstances surrounding the case and be in a position to make better decisions.

In conclusion, courtroom animation can serve as a time machine to capture how an event occurred. Parties who aren’t present during the event can then be made to feel or understand how the event all played out even without them ever being there.

What is vital in using courtroom animation as a time machine is to employ the services of an experienced courtroom animation company that has the skills and expertise to use available data to help recreate, illustrate and present the event before the jury in a manner that is deemed admissible and not lacking originality and believability. 

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