What Role Does Animation Engineering Play in Creating Legal Animation?

What is legal animation without dexterity and expertise? Without knowledge of animation engineering, an animator may struggle with creating legal animation.

Legal animation is fast becoming the talk of the courtroom with its fantastic capabilities and ability to foster understanding in the jury’s minds. It can help turn a case around for the most part, as long as it is relevant, accurate, and non-prejudicial to the case before the court.

Legal animation has been used in many court cases across different jurisdictions in the United States. Just as it has gained popularity in terms of usage, it would surely acquire more use in the future with better features than it has had in previous court appearances. 

Hence, if you are considering the use of legal animation in your court case, you should consider using the assistance of an animation company versed in animation engineering.

Animation Engineering
Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng (unsplash.com)

Animation engineering is a field in the world of animation and video games that deals with coding that makes the characters move and morph across the screen. Without animation engineering, a lot of animation projects, including legal animation, would be a total disaster.

Legal animation can be used in different cases, including traffic accident cases, assault, patent infringement, construction cases, workplace accident cases, product liability cases, and airplane accident cases. Whatever the case may be, it is official to use the help of an animation company that has qualified and experienced animation engineers.

 Qualities That Make Animation Engineering A Success

For you to be sure that the legal animation company in charge of your legal animation is up to date in the animation engineering process, there are some factors you need to look out for. With that, you would be able to sit back confidently and comfortably, knowing that your case is receiving all the attention it deserves. Here are some of the qualifications to look out for:

  1. Educational framework

To be well versed in animation, engineering, and educational background must be set. This is because this line of animation requires in-depth knowledge. A course on animation engineering can be taken in regular universities and can sometimes be done online.

Usually, a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, graphics design, game design, computer software engineering, or computer science would be required for a career in animation engineering. 

  1. Exceptional knowledge of 3-D mathematics

According to an article by Harold Serrano titled Introduction to 3D Mathematics, it was duly explained that “whenever you move a character on a screen, linear algebra concepts are at play. Vectors are constantly being manipulated by matrices, essentially transforming the coordinate system of the vector. Movement, in 3D graphics, occurs when a character’s coordinate system is transformed to another coordinate system.”

This shows that what goes down on the screen during a legal animation scene has to do with mathematical calculations and know-how. Thank goodness all you have to see is the beautiful outcome of the well-thought-out and properly calculated scenes. 

  1. Basic knowledge of unreal engines and frameworks

The unreal engine was developed to be used in various ways like in film production, video game design, animation production, pharmaceutical experiments, etc. An engineer with a basic knowledge of unreal engines will make a sound animation engineer. 

Knowledge of the use of frameworks like XNA would come in handy as an animation engineer. 

Animation engineering
Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng (unsplash.com)

In conclusion, it is not enough to have the above-listed knowledge; it is also essential to be experienced. Therefore, when contracting a legal animation company for your next case, either as an attorney or a client, you need to make sure the legal animation company has staff that are both experienced in creating legal animation and have the necessary qualifications of animation engineers.

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