Are Hamstring Injuries Compensable In Court?

Hamstring injuries are extremely painful and they can cause permanent disability. Legal animation can illustrate its cause and help get compensation in court.
Hamstring Injuries
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A hamstring is a collection of muscles extending from the pelvis’s back to the back of the knees at the back of the thigh. We frequently use our hamstrings when we walk or run. Stretching too far or running longer or faster than necessary can result in hamstring injuries caused by a strain or tear in the hamstring muscles.

Hamstring injuries are serious because it takes a while for them to heal. It may take weeks for a minor hamstring strain to go away. One may be confined to a wheelchair, bed, or crutches at all times. It may take several months for pulls and tears to heal completely. This limits mobility for a while, which means that if your job requires you to stand for long periods, you might not be able to do your best work or even be able to work at all. This is one of the main causes of the numerous hamstring injury compensation claims made yearly. 

Therefore, whenever a hamstring injury is caused by the action or negligence of some person, whether at work or in other places, it is important to commence an action, whether in court or out of court setting to get enough compensation both for medical bills and pain and suffering.

In this situation, legal animation can be used to portray the incident that led to the hamstring injury and the extent of the injury as well. 

What Are the Causes of Hamstring Injuries?

People can get hamstring injuries from different activities, especially those related to sporting activities. Whether sporting activities or some other happening causes the injury, legal animation can be used to depict fault and illustrate the extent of damage suffered. 

Here are some of the causes of hamstring injuries:

  • Sporting activities

A hamstring injury is more likely to occur in sports that call for sprinting or running, as well as in other hobbies like dancing that could call for extremely strenuous stretching. A hamstring injury during a sports activity could be due to the trainer’s fault in giving proper instructions or correcting the form of an individual. 

In a case like this, legal animation can be used to portray the effect of such negligence. A case can also be instituted if an agency has officially signed the sports person as a sports professional. This is because agencies normally have the responsibility to compensate accordingly if such an injury arises. 

For instance, in the case of Battles v. WCAB, the plaintiff, a professional footballer, instituted a case to recover compensation for a hamstring injury. Legal animation can be put to use in a case like this. 

Hamstring Injuries
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  • Workplace Incidents

Hamstring injuries may be work-related, but in some instances, claimants may find it challenging to convince insurers of this. This is because sometimes it may be difficult to depict some facts accurately. This challenge can be easily solved by using legal animation and an expert who can conduct scientific investigations.

Workers can get workplace-related hamstring injuries from different circumstances. Unloading heavy merchandise may be a cause if it is done constantly, as seen in the case of Rogers v. Lowe’s Home Improvement

It may also be the result of a fall during a rather taxing activity, as seen in the case of Dunlevy v. Seminole County Department of Public Safety, where the plaintiff fell while working as a paramedic and firefighter, or the matter of Semrau v. Coca-Cola Refreshments USA Inc. 

  • Vehicular accident

Vehicular accidents refer to accidents during transportation, whether on air, road, rails, or water. Hamstring injuries may occur if a vehicle meets with an accident, whether caused by external factors foreign to the vehicle or within the vehicle, whether from the operator or the vehicle itself.

In the case of Youn v. Maritime Overseas Corp., the plaintiff was severely injured while aboard a ship when the port winch opened too quickly, causing the drum to spin and the cable to whip around the deck out of control. The sudden spiral caused the cable to wrap around the plaintiff’s left thigh and crushed his leg.

Legal animation can be used in a case like this to ensure the incident is duly captured in its true essence. 

  • Assault

A direct blow to the thigh can cause hamstring injury to a person. Thus, if an assaulter targets continuous blows using the fist, leg, or other strong objects at someone, there is a risk of severe injuries like fractures, nerve damage, hamstring injury, and sometimes complete loss of mobility.

Legal animation can illustrate the facts of an assault to make it clear to the jury and also depict the extent of the injury suffered.


Medical animation used in court can depict injury and further illustrate incidents. With a good legal animation company, the entire scope of an incident can be covered and duly animated to ensure that nothing vital is missing while instituting an action.

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