Using Patella Fracture Animation In A Court Trial

Patella fractures are noxious injuries that can make walking hard or impossible. Patella fracture animation can show the causes and potential consequences.
internal fixation right patella fracture
Right Patella Fracture

A patella fracture is a break in the bone at the front of the knee joint. The patella functions as a shield to protect the knee. It also joins the thighbone and shinbone muscles, which enable the leg to straighten at the knee joint. The patella accounts for 1% of all fractures.

Although the patella is strong for its size, it is not indestructible. It can only withstand so much force before it loses its ability to safeguard the knee joint. As a result, the kneecap is particularly prone to fracturing or shattering with any direct assault or stress.

Treatment for a fractured patella will vary depending on the type of break, the patient’s age, and general condition. Less severe fractures might heal without surgery with the aid of a splint or a cast.

In cases of major fractures, surgery to realign the bone may be necessary. When the bones are dislocated, a fracture is said to be significant. 

A fractured patella is a serious injury that could cause great pain and suffering, expensive medical expenses, and lost pay. In addition, it may be challenging or even impossible to walk or straighten the knee after suffering this devastating injury.

If the negligence of another causes a fractured patella, a victim might be entitled to recover compensation for the damages done. 

Common Causes of A Patella Fracture

A direct hit to the front of the knee from an automobile accident, athletic activity, or a fall onto concrete is the most common way a kneecap is broken.

Direct fall onto the knee

A fall could fracture or break the kneecap. The surrounding skin is frequently harmed when the fracture results from this direct impact. This can occasionally develop into an open fracture due to the limited amount of soft tissue.

A victim who slips and falls may be entitled to compensation for their damages, regardless of whether they were injured at a private home, a commercial establishment, or a public structure.

Let’s consider the case of Millet v. Evangeline Healthcare, Inc.

In the instant case, the plaintiff visited her brother at the hospital when she slipped and fell, fracturing her left patella. This led to two surgeries and a protracted recuperative period. 

The plaintiff then sued the hospital to seek compensation for the injuries caused to her. The trial court awarded the plaintiff $68,478.51 in total damages. In addition, the court granted the plaintiff’s spouse $3,000.00 for loss of consortium.

Automobile Accident 

An automobile accident is one of the leading causes of any fracture. This is because, while diving, the kneecap is usually exposed and bent. 

The ” dashboard knee ” is the most frequent reason for auto accident injuries.” Dashboard knee happens when the body is forced forward into the dashboard or steering wheel by the collision’s energy. The power of contact from this dashboard injury may fracture the patella and seriously harm the ligaments and other supporting tissues. A fracture of this kind will cause discomfort, bleeding, swelling, and the inability to extend the knee.

In the case of Lafauci v. Jenkins, the plaintiff sued the defendant for a patella fracture she sustained as a result of the negligent driving of the defendant. After a rigorous trial, judgment was rendered in favor of the plaintiff, awarding her $35,000.00 in general damages. 

Work-related Injury  

The knee is the second most frequent body area to sustain an injury requiring work time (the back is the first most commonly injured body part).

A patella fracture can occur at work without difficulty, either due to repetitive motion or a jolting incident like a fall. However, these illnesses are extremely painful, hindering, and frequently take a long time to heal. They also require time away from work. 

A workplace injury victim with a knee injury is eligible for workers’ compensation, even if the injury occurred gradually over the years rather than in a single traumatic accident.

In the case of Giant Food LLC, V. Wu, Va, a 65-year-old employee as a cashier, lost her balance and fell while going about her job. After plenty of scans and treatments, she was diagnosed with a left patella fracture. This results in her having, among other things, a limited range of motion and constant pain in her leg. 

The plaintiff then filed actions against the employer for worker’s benefit, total wage loss benefit, and benefits for a lifetime award of medical coverage for injuries sustained. 

internal fixation right patella fracture
Demonstrative exhibit created by Fox-AE

Proving Liability Using Patella Fracture Animation

A patella fracture is an unfortunate outcome of any accident. Patients with patella fractures will likely need surgery, a lengthy term of immobilization, and intensive rehabilitation. Victims occasionally live with chronic pain for the rest of their lives. 

Obtaining a positive verdict is crucial if a person has fractured their patella in any accident. Consequently, using trial animations is highly instrumental to such a claim.

To prove liability in patella fracture cases, the victim must be able to show that the other party was negligent and that this negligence caused or contributed to the accident and the damages.

There is no better method to demonstrate these points than by animating a patella fracture.

In cases where a car crash caused a patella fracture, 3D accident reconstruction can be used to show the precise order of what happened after an accident. The animation will show how the vehicle had been accelerated and how it was moving before the collision and can display different angles and perspectives of the accident. 

There are numerous benefits to proving faults with patella fracture animation. 


 In court proceedings, animation is an effective tool for persuasively communicating complex information. When used properly, animation can aid juries in comprehending complex ideas, following events, and understanding the victim’s or witnesses’ points of view.

A patellar fracture animation can demonstrate how a tragic event can permanently change a victim’s life. Hence, it’s crucial to liaise with a well-seasoned legal animation firm, like Fox-AE, that works with your attorney and expert witness to create a demonstrative exhibit that persuasively showcases the cause of the fracture to the jury. 

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