How Laxity Can Cause Icy Roads And Black Ice Crash

Icy roads are one of the major causes of winter-related road accidents. This weather condition requires proper road conduct from drivers to avoid accidents.
Icy Roads
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There are traffic rules set for rural highways, urban streets, interstate, residential, or school districts in every state. This is to ensure the safety of people on the road and provide guidance in cases where bad weather conditions like icy roads and black ice are present. This is because these weather conditions can prove a disaster for motorists if the basic traffic rules are not followed. 

A Federal Highway Administration data shows how deadly these conditions can be, as it is estimated that an average of 1,836 deaths and 136,309 injuries happen per year due to snowy and icy roads.  An example of such an occurrence is seen in a report by the Minnesota State Patrol showing that there were 342 crashes in Minnesota on the 18th of January 2020 due to a winter storm that left the roads covered in ice. 

Basic Speed Limit on Icy Roads and Black Ice

Despite these conditions being deadly, a driver who obeys and drives within the basic speed limit can avoid a crash on icy roads. 

In California, for example, there are four major speed laws. For a posted speed limit, the law prohibits drivers from exceeding such posted limits. In the same vein, drivers are also enjoined not to drive too slowly or below the minimum posted speed limit.

Amidst all these speed laws, there is one common to all states, and it has to do with the road and weather conditions. 

In California, this is known as the basic speed law. It states that drivers must not exceed a safe speed required for the current road or weather conditions. The road/ weather condition includes the presence of snow, ice, black ice, cyclists, and pedestrians. 

A driver has to take reasonable care in any of these situations, even if it would mean going below the posted speed limit. 

Similarly, the road conditions, emphasizing snow and ice, must cause the driver to take reasonable care. 

An article by the Michigan State Police stated that “there were 220,526 winter-related crashes in Michigan between 2015 and 2019, including 3,101 that involved fatal and serious injuries.” It was explained that many of these crashes could have been avoided if drivers took cognizance of the road condition and moved slowly rather than going too fast.

This was stated to emphasize the duty of care placed on drivers when there are icy roads and black ice. When due care is not taken, road accidents will be inevitable. 

It would be highly unfortunate if, after a driver has taken due regard to the road conditions, another motorist flaunting said rules gets into a collision with the rule conforming driver. 

If a person is hurt in such a collision, the services of a qualified collision attorney should be sought to help get compensation.. 

In addition to that, courtroom animations can also be used to point out the wrongful driving methods of the defaulting driver on icy roads and roads with black ice. 

How Do Icy Roads And Black Ice Cause Road Accidents?

Icy roads and black ice on roads are in themselves risky driving conditions. People are advised to stay at home to avoid traveling on this type of road. 

However, people with daily work responsibilities have to go to their places of work and cannot be barred from going to work. This is why different state laws provide that drivers should observe a higher standard of care and a lower speed limit in such conditions. 

When on icy roads, there is the risk of losing tire traction. This is why drivers are advised to subscribe to an anti-lock brake system (ABS) and all-wheel drive (ABS). In addition to this, drivers are also advised to use anti-glare lights, avoid rear tire slides, run the air conditioner and avoid too much steering.

According to an article by Nuremberg Paris Injury Lawyers, “black ice is dangerous because drivers can’t see it, their tires can’t grip it, and their brakes can’t work properly on it.” 

While maintaining care, it is also essential to watch out for black ice. It is usually nearly transparent and looks like a harmless puddle. Going slow and paying attention to the environment can help drivers avoid this type of ice. 

To prevent harm when on black ice, you have to immediately take your feet off the gas, don’t brake, and keep the steering wheel as straight as possible. 

Icy Roads
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While all these precautions are to be observed, some motorists blatantly flaunt the rules and fail to take care when in such a high-risk condition. 

If a collision happens in these circumstances, courtroom animation is a reliable means to portray the reckless act of the driver and receive favorable judgment in court. The services of a reliable courtroom animation company should be acquired to get the best out of such a court case.

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