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“The animations can be summed up in one word - Glorious!!!” - Cokinos Law Founder on Fox Animated Engineering.
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Using computer-generated graphics, animation and illustrations is not a new phenomenon in court. There have been many cases in the United States and far beyond where video animations, illustrations, and graphics have been used.  The cases in the United State include the Delta flight 191 crash case in 1985, People v McHugh filed on June 7, 2004, State of Connecticut v Michael SkakelCommonwealth v Serge,  Stephenson v Honda Motors Ltd of America, and many more. All these cases are not restricted to a certain type of injury or field. They include both criminal cases and civil cases, and they cut across different industries. 

Fox Animated Engineering is a science and engineering design company that produces animation, graphics, and illustrations for legal cases as stated above. With over a thousand cases across the United States, there has been a wide range of areas that have been explored and covered by the team at Fox Animated Engineering. Here are some of the possibilities Fox Animated Engineering using animations and illustration can help you achieve with your legal cases;

Brain Injuries

Brain injuries can be a pretty difficult concept to explain in a law court. Especially to jurors who may not have a deep knowledge of neuroscience. Fox Animated Engineering has a record of creating MRI-based 3D models and exhibits admitted as evidence in courts and verified by top neuroradiologists across the country. 

Fox Animated Engineering

Spinal Cord Injuries

Damages to any part of the spinal cord or the nerves at the end of the spinal canal can be created with astute animations by experts at Fox Animated Engineering. An example is a spinal cord compression case won with an exemplary animation done by Fox Animated Engineering. 

Machine Defects/Failures Leading to Injuries

According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), the majority of equipment incidents at the workplace are vehicle-related collisions in various industries. Common injuries resulting from overturning, collision, falling debris, electrocution, or becoming caught in running machinery. There have been thousands of machinery accident cases in the United States, Fox Animated Engineering can help create animations explaining the malfunction or negligence of the employer or employee leading to the injury. An example is an Ethylene Pump Failure case illustrated and won by a client of Fox Animated Engineering.

Skin Laceration Injuries

The team at Fox Animated Engineering has produced detailed animations for clients who have a case involving skin lacerations. Deep tissue injuries are accurately illustrated. The depths and width of injuries can also be clearly illustrated to explain the pain and severity of the injury.

Muscle Injuries

Fox Animated Engineering can produce illustrations showing the damage of the muscles and its after-effects on your clients in a court case. Animations can be produced to show contusions, degenerative diseases to the muscles as well as muscle strains. 
The above and many more are illustrations and animations that can be created to back up your legal cases by Fox Animated Engineering. Do you have a potential case or do you need to further explore the possibilities with Fox Animated Engineering? Feel free to contact us here

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