Benefits of Brain Dumping for the Stressed and Unsettled Professionals

Work is more enjoyable when your mind is unburdened. Your focus is sharpened, procrastination is dealt with and productivity increases.
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The complexities and technicalities of some professions weigh down and lead to stress for individuals and teams in their different fields. The World Health Organization(WHO) in a publication on their website on occupational health explained that pressure at the workplace is unavoidable due to the demands of the contemporary work environment.

Brain Dumping
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Maybe not every day, people have moments when they are not in the mood, moments when their brain finds it difficult to take anything in and prioritize. It makes them unsettled, less creative, and less focused to achieve maximum productivity in their different capacities. Seyle(1950) in his publication on stress explained that not all stress is unpleasant.

Stress can serve as a motivating factor to keep professionals on alert to avoid costly mistakes. However, it’s stressful and exhausting if you have to remember and prioritize a lot of things. If professionals notice that they are not motivated, have too many thoughts running through their heads, and can’t seem to figure out how to fit in tasks, a brain dump is one of the many ways they can employ to turn the situation around for the better.

Process of Brain Dumping

A brain dump is a simple process of taking all of the thoughts running around in your head and recording them in a journal or a notepad. It’s a mind-clearing technique popularized by David Allen’s book Getting Things Done. It helps declutter the mind and clarify thoughts. Brain dumping also helps to organize your time and efforts i.e. it makes you much more productive and calmer. Brain dump has been said to be a good way to develop sharp problem-solving skills as overlapping thoughts are clearly spelled out right in front of you in the form of words. With this, you can clearly organize and prioritize tasks, break bigger tasks into smaller bits, and be less overwhelmed with activities.

Brain dumping is also a perfect way to manage anxiety and overthinking. The process of brain dumping starts with “dumping” which is to write down everything you are thinking. However, this might be tasking for you to do. Your hands may be too heavy to write, you may not even be in the flow to write, but you do not have to worry. Technology has made things easier as there are text-to-speech features available on various electronic devices that can make this exercise easier for you to achieve its full optimization.

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