Tower Crane Animation: A Stunning Method That Works

Tower cranes have often been associated with construction site accidents. With an animation of the tower crane parts, the cause of an accident can be proven.
Tower Crane Animation
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According to the Heavy Equipment Colleges of America, a tower crane is a type of machine equipped with a hoist rope, chains, or sheaves and used to lower, lift, and move heavy or bulk construction materials around.

They are pretty essential in the construction industry. 

Why Is A Tower Crane Essential In Construction?

Well, without a tower crane, many buildings that we see today will be non-existent. According to Maxim Crane Works L.P, it was stated that tower cranes used today allow development companies to work faster and more efficiently as they are essential for tackling arduous tasks effortlessly. It was affirmed that the construction industry would be behind if it weren’t for tower cranes.  

Although this equipment helps to complete important tasks on a building site, there are instances where the user may call for a lawsuit. 

Whatever party you may be in the case, you may require the use of a tower crane animation. 

Tower Crane Cases and Construction Animation

The use of tower cranes may, from time to time, give rise to a lawsuit. This is because, even though it is pivotal in the construction industry, it is still a potentially harmful machine, especially when due care is not taken. 

Whatever the situation may be, construction animation can be used to portray the issue with the machine or the non-issue. 

Here are some of the instances where a tower crane animation may be needed in a court case:

  1. Damage to the tower crane

A tower crane is an instrumental piece of site equipment and extremely expensive. Therefore, the purchase and maintenance take wads of cash from the contractor’s briefcase. 

This is why any harm caused to this equipment can lead to monetary loss, which would stem from the cost of getting a new one or effecting repairs on the damaged one. 

Therefore, when the case of a damaged crane arises, it is not foreign to see it before the court. This is seen in the case of American Pecco Corp v. Concrete Building System. Co.

In the instant case, the plaintiff had leased two cranes to the defendant for a stipulated period for use at a construction site. 

During the process of dismantling the crane after use, the crane allegedly began to tip, and the operator dropped a part to stop the crane from tipping over. Because of this, the crane became damaged.

The plaintiff approached the court for damages, and it became a story of who was to blame since there were other parties in the picture. 

In a case like this, tower crane animation can be used to clearly show who was at fault in the disassembling of the crane.

  1. The collapse of tower cranes

When a crane is grounded for a project, it is essential to ensure that it is appropriately reinforced with concrete to prevent it from collapsing. The collapse of a tower crane can lead to monetary loss and damage to properties and can also cause harm to people. 

A typical case of a collapsed tower crane is seen in the case of BRE Properties, Inc. v. Northwest Tower Crane Service, Inc. 

In this case, a tower crane that was in use in the construction of a commercial complex collapsed on an adjacent apartment, causing the death of a resident and extensive damage to the property. 

The topic of consideration in the case was whether the crane was erected correctly and what led to the collapse. 

Ultimately, the case was based on who was responsible for the collapse. 

Evidently, something must have gone wrong with a part of the crane for such an accident to have occurred. 

With the use of tower crane animation, this question can be resolved. 

Tower Crane Animation
Photo by henry perks on Unsplash
  1. An injury to a worker caused by a tower crane

Another situation wherein a tower crane case may appear before a court would be in the case of injury to workers. 

It is not news that construction sites are fraught with possible accidents. This is why adequate protective gear must be provided to workers. 

In addition to that, all equipment must be in proper working condition. 

Therefore, when accidents occur due to negligence in keeping the crane in proper condition, tower crane animations can be used to show the defects on the tower crane and how they caused the accident.


Before embarking on the quest to acquire a tower crane animation for a court case, it is essential to get in touch with a legal animation company sound in engineering to get an accurate animation that will be admissible and fit for the case at hand. 

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