Perks of Using Legal Animation In A Nerve Damage Case

Nerve damage caused by a third party will need to be illustrated with the aid of legal animation since it's not visible to the naked human eye.
Nerve Damage
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Nerve damage is one of the side effects that can accompany all manner of accidents. They cause many side effects that can impair the smooth running of a person’s body and ultimately lead to hiccups in the normal daily life of such a person.

In an article by Mayo Clinic titled Peripheral Nerve Injuries, it was revealed that “a nerve injury can affect your brain’s ability to communicate with your muscles and organs.” It was further stressed that “it’s important to get medical care for a peripheral nerve injury as soon as possible. Early diagnosis and treatment may prevent complications and permanent damage.”

Legal animations make the explanation regarding nerve damage, its cause, and its effects on the body much easier before the court.

What Are The Functions of Nerves in the Body?

Nerves are essential parts of the body that assist in the proper wellbeing of a person. The function of a nerve is determined by the kind of nerve it is. 

In a course provided by BYJU’S on Nerves, a nerve was defined as “a cord-like structure whose primary role is to provide a pathway to conduct electrical impulses throughout the body. They essentially relay information from one part of the body to another.”

Nerve Damage
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There are three major types of nerves in the body, and they perform unique functions. They are as follows:

  1. Sensory nerves

As the name implies, sensory nerves help relay the information related to physical feelings like temperature, pain, touch, or impact to the brain.

The damage to this kind of nerve can be disastrous because there could be a situation that requires medical attention that would not be felt, thereby leading to a worsening of the condition. 

  1. Motor nerves

These kinds of nerves are in charge of the coordination of movement. They help to keep the muscles in conscious control. 

They are in charge of motions such as standing, walking, running, handling objects, and carrying things. 

When this kind of nerve is damaged, a person may face weakness, difficulty walking, poor hand coordination, and falls.

  1. Autonomic nerves

These nerves help in controlling activities that are not voluntary but which the body does of its accords like breathing, blood pressure, regulation of temperature, and digestion. 

The damage of this type of nerve requires emergency care as a person’s bodily functions can deteriorate swiftly if adequate care is not taken.

What Are The Possible Causes Of Nerve Damage?

Nerve damages can be caused by various factors and can lead to complications. Legal animation is a stress-free way out when this condition is caused by the action or the omission to act of another person. It would help depict the body’s functions properly as if it can be seen with the physical eyes. 

Here are some of the causes of nerve damage:

  1. Medical malpractice

Some drugs have side effects that can cause nerve pain and damage. If a medical practitioner prescribes these drugs through error, they can damage the nerve. 

This is not limited to wrong medication prescription alone. It can also be a result of surgery. 

Many things can go wrong during a surgery, one of which is accidental tampering with nerves in the body. This can, in turn, lead to nerve damage. 

With the help of a medical expert and a legal animator, it would be easy to portray the mistakes of medical treatment leading to nerve damage.

  1. Accidents

Another possible cause of nerve damage is a traumatic impact on the body, and accidents can bring this about. 

Accidents can come in the form of a workplace accident, sporting accident, traffic accident, construction accident, or aviation accident. If the person who set such an accident in motion is determined, legal animation can be used to connect the action or omission of the person and the subsequent accident to the nerve damage.

  1. Assault and battery

Assault and battery can also lead to nerve damage. It can be due to a gunshot or traumatic impact or compression made by one person on the other person. 

While the person can suffer muscle injuries, fractures, and other injuries, nerve damage can also be caused by such impact. It is easy to use legal animation to prove this to the court. The service of an excellent legal animation company is, however, needed.

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