Medical Exhibits

Spinal Infection Results in Abscess

This Animation Walks the Viewer through the Development of a Devastating Abscess

Phenomenal animation describing and showing a spinal infection and resulting abscess

This spinal abscess animation walks the viewer through the process that allows an abscess to develop. The hematoma allowed bacteria to build up and begin to block the neural pathways, which caused enormous distress to the plaintiff. In addition to loss of lower bodily function, the plaintiff experienced the destruction of a disc in his spine. An animation was able to bring clarity to the compilations of this case, and illustrated to the jury how life-altering such an experience could be.

We’re able to overlay the actual X-Ray onto the animation to provide additional legitimacy to our renderings.

Explaining complex medical problems to a jury can be rather challenging. An animation can take these complicated circumstances and break them down in a simple way for anybody to understand.

The buildup of bacteria on the venous side allowed the abscess to from, and the white blood cells were unable to fight the growing infection.

As demonstrated numerous times in trials, a visual aid can be a critical resource in educating the jury on the facts of the case. In spinal abscess cases such as this one, an animation was the ultimate tool in assisting the viewers in their understanding of how the abscess came to be.

Once the viewers are able to understand the origin of the abscess, the animation walks them through the devastating consequences that ensue, emphasizing the enormous pain and suffering endured by the plaintiff in this case.

Medical Exhibits

Most of modern society receives their information via visual and written media, if not exclusively visual. For some people, this extends to learning to the extent that the only way the person can learn is if they’re able to see it with their eyes. This presents a problem for the way most trials transpire. At least a few members of the jury are likely to consider themselves visual learners and will struggle to keep up with the vast amounts of complex information that’s being presented.

The best solution to this problem is to include a visual aid. Allan Barsky said in his book, Clinicians in Court:

 “As noted throughout this volume, the purpose of providing evidence at a trial is to educate the judge or jury about the facts in a case. As the saying goes, “Seeing is believing,” so using visual aids in courtroom presentations can have a critical impact on the decision makers. Seeing a torn piece of clothes may be more convincing than just hearing about it.”

Barsky, A. (2012). Clinicians in Court (2nd ed.). The Guilford Press

Medical Animation

Our cutting-edge animation technology paired with some of the most talented medical experts in the country has allowed us to become industry leaders in creating medical illustrations. We have a team of certified medical illustrators, medical practitioners, and 3D modeling engineers that can recreate any kind of surgery or injury in astonishing detail. We’ve worked with some of the top attorneys and expert witnesses in the country, and have produced animations so precise, that they have been admitted as substantive evidence, not just demonstrative. A neutral expert witness in a particularly challenging case testified that our animation was exactly what he saw when he performed surgery on the plaintiff after the defendant misdiagnosed the plaintiff. Medical Imaging Modeled in 3D with Perfection “Over 2 decades I have used several animation firms nationwide to prepare medical animations based upon diagnostic imaging, e.g., x-rays, CT’s, and MRI’s. The work product was always acceptable, but never up to state-of-the-art standards for cutting-edge animation – until now. I reached out to Fox-AE after receiving an email from their Marketing Director. The email included a link to an exemplar animation. After viewing the animation, I knew that I wanted to give Fox-AE a chance. I arranged to have the Fox-AE animation engineer fly in to meet our neuroradiology expert and review the MRI together. From there, the engineer worked with the expert to ensure that the animation was an exact match with the MRI. The result was stunning in every respect. The precision with which the animator accurately captured the MRI was without peer. Every person who has seen the animation is struck by its detail and flow. First-rate in every respect. Use Fox-AE whenever possible – your client and the jury will thank you. Opposing counsel will not.” Stephen Malouf Malouf & Nockels, LLP

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The overwhelming satisfaction of our clients is living proof that we’re the best in the business for animated engineering. Ultimately, we’re here to streamline the information transfer process from you to the jury. No matter the kind of injury or the circumstances surrounding the incident, we can render a compelling representation that will leave your audience stunned. 

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