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Improper Boat Design Causes Severe Injury

A boy is thrown into a boat propeller due to an improper boat design

This 17-year-old boy had to have his hands amputated because of how this boat turned
There were 11 similar accidents within a year

This unacceptable fishing boat design resulted in 11 injuries in one year. The boat had a center of gravity located further toward the rear than most boat models, causing to “unexpected” 180-degree turns.

Despite complaints, the boating company did not change its boat design.

A 17 year-old-boy was injured while riding on the boat. It turned so abruptly that it actually threw the boy into the boat propeller. Due to infections caused by the boat injuries, both of the boy’s hands had to be amputated, and his face was completely mutilated.

How did the abrupt turning radius and lack of seat railing contribute to this boat injury?

Could a minor design change prevent this injury? Seat railing prevents the subject from being thrown off into the boat propeller during abrupt rotations. 

When this legal animation was submitted to opposing counsel, the defense said “WOW, just WOW,” elaborating that it was the best presentation that they had ever seen.

Fox-AE managed to produce this exemplar footage and was able to show what really happened. This injury animation contributed to the highly favorable settlement for the client.

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