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Fox Animated Engineering: Our engineers are the animators.

For litigation graphics and animations for court, accuracy of time, space, dimensions, velocity and acceleration are the main components of visual media constantly undermined and questioned by the opposition in the legal system.  Who understands components of time and space better than a professional engineer?  Your animations will have the credibility and weight of an engineering stamp because our professional engineers are the animators.  With a decade of animation/3D modeling experience while administering over $200 million dollars worth of high profile construction contracts as project engineers, the media we provide is constructed to accurate real world dimensions and time without question.  Don’t waste time having media excluded or picked apart by the opposition.  Lay down the law of physics, time, and space with the power of an engineering stamp behind your court animations and graphics.

We have experience implementing 3D computer models to create shop drawings for patented and patent pending tanks, filters, and air purification units for manufacturing and fabrication companies.  To create these shop drawings and models means we get the dimensions right for the fabrication shop.  Designing 3D computer generated models for the legal system is no different.  Models created within a set tolerance (for dimensions, speed, acceleration, & force) is a must, and that’s what we’ve been doing correctly for a decade.  Precision and accuracy of our models and animations is something you and the jury can depend on.

This is why Fox Animated Engineering will fulfill your litigation graphics and animation needs…better, faster & stronger than other animation companies.

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