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What Our Clients Say

Cody and his team at Fox Animation did a great job for our trial team and clients. We gave them a very short deadline and they produced high quality animation, specifically tailored to our complex case. We represented six plaintiffs who suffered brain injuries from exposure to carbon monoxide in a commercial office building. The case was heavily litigated for 3 years and the cause and origin of the carbon monoxide was in dispute. Cody was able to work tirelessly with our team and our expert to bring our expert's cause and origin opinions to life in vivid and persuasive detail. I produced the animation to the other side on the Thursday before we started a month long trial. The case settled within 24 hours for a total recovery of $13,000,000.00.

3 Year Litigation Settled in Less Than 24 Hours

( Griffith J. Winthrop, III Attorney at Law )

Fox Animated Engineering aided with designing the shell for my patented air purification units which are now being manufactured. I have presented their impressive graphics and superb animations to hospitals, investors, & even corporate McDonald's. They have met ALL my stringent deadlines!

Douglas D. Hoffman

( C.E.O. of Best Living Systems )

Our Services

Intellectual Property Animation

Our ENGINEERS show how patented material operates with HD animations, pushing it through as demonstrative evidence with ease.

Construction Animation

We animate OSHA violations, & other construction accidents/claims with the accuracy and credibility of a P.E. stamp.

Vehicular Animation

We use reconstruction data you already have or provide our own forensic engineering to precisely animate vehicle collisions.

Specialized Animation

Bring what happened in the past to life in the present by animating true scale slips, falls, power line, & medical claims.