Vehicular Reconstruction

A picture is worth a thousand words. An animation is 30 pictures every second. An animation or rendering created by professional engineers is Fox Animated Engineering. Who understands vehicular time, space, forces and velocity better than a professional engineer? Unlike other animation and rendering firms, our demonstrative aids and graphics have the weight of a professional engineering stamp, standing strong against undermining and scrutiny of the opposition.

We use the forensic engineering data you already have, or we provide our own reconstruction data as expert witness reconstructionists to make our animations, tailoring to your needs. Want photos from the crime scene to match the animation? We can do it! When skid marks, vehicle and equipment positions and or damage matches the photo, people know the animation is accurate, especially if an engineer constructed it. Imagine having an accident reconstructed and animated with a P.E. stamp to back it up.

We provide different options for vehicular animation depending on your needs

“The Meeting Saver”

Every firm has preliminary meetings where everyone involved in the case gets in a room, goes over the depositions, and summarizes what could and could not have happened, formulating a case strategy. Many times the forensic engineer will be there charging $260/hour, not to mention 3 or 4 lawyers at $450/hour. Don’t forget about the paralegal and other overhead costs to your firm. Just to initially get lawyers and expert witnesses on the same page can be an astronomical cost.

We substantially cut time and costs by first reading the depositions, reconstructing resting positions based on photos taken at the scene, and draft animating both the plaintiff & defendant’s recollection of the accident, giving immediate background to the case showing what could have happened and what physically could not have happened clearly and concisely. Ever had 200 pages of depositions? “The Meeting Saver” is better than cliff notes. It saves thousands on unnecessary meetings or cuts your meeting time in half with less rabbit trails and unneeded redundancy of facts by showing lane and car dimensions, speeds, and perspectives with the utmost accuracy to ALL NECESSARY INDIVIDUALS ON THE CASE via internet or conference room TV. Devise a case strategy when you have the initial facts and information from our “Meeting Saver” animation, and don’t waste thousands of dollars and time planning an attack without having knowledge of the terrain.

See “Meeting Saver Video” on the playlist above.

What happens next?

After the forensic engineers, expert witnesses, and lawyers are on the same page, we reconstruct and animate the scene based on the case strategy you decide and the facts given. If you already have a re-constructionist, you can add us as a re-constructionist on top of the previous one, giving you an additional accident re-constructionist per case. Our reconstruction animations are the highest quality and most credible animations in the biz. Fox Animated Engineering – Our professional engineers are the animators.

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