Medical Renders from Library

Will provide still shots from our library containing over 5,000 demonstratives of any part of the human body, male or female. (Quickest turnaround time: 1 day*)

Common Surgical Animations

Will provide surgical procedures that are common in nature. (Quickest turnaround time: 1 day*)

Custom Library Animations

Will customize injury demonstratives that we have already created to animate the condition of your client. (Quickest turnaround time: 1 day*)

Custom Medical Surgery

Will provide custom surgeries, bringing the operation room to the eyes of the viewer. (Quickest turnaround time: 1 day*)

Injuries Shown in Real Time

Provide animations of horrendous accidents in real time, illustrating causation and/or pain and suffering. See the the incident brought to life to life in the presence of opposing counsel and jurrers. (Quickest turnaround time: 2 weeks*)

Custom Vehicular Accidents

The Animators who create your vehicular animation have been to traffic reconstruction school, are professional engineers, and have been tendered as engineering reconstructionists after being challenged in a Daubert.  (Quickest turnaround time: 2 weeks*)

*Turnaround time may vary depending on complexity of project.

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