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Many Court Cases involving the construction industry are unfair. Honest construction companies repeatedly fall victim to court cases decided upon by misled individuals who lack technical knowledge and or field experience in the construction industry. More often than not, true events regarding construction sequence, means and methods, material failures, and scheduling are not properly conveyed or understood in a courtroom. This gross miscommunication of information leads to thousands or even millions of dollars out of your pocket. How does a person capture what happened, and take it right into the courtroom?

Necessary Solution

Execute “Operation Fox” with Fox Animated Engineering, an Animation and Rendering company founded by professional engineers fresh from the construction industry. Recreate accidents involving OSHA violations, explosive materials, trucking and other heavy equipment accidents with unmatched clarity, incorporating real world weather parameters, dimensions, speeds and accelerations. Make your counterparts cringe when horrendous injuries are shown inside the courtroom. We can import survey data of all formats, visually portraying accurate elevations to all interested parties. After we import your survey into 3D, we bring it to life.

How Are We Different?

The biggest difference between Fox Animated Engineering and other animation and rendering companies is that you will be describing technical problems to professional, certified engineers who understand complex construction operations and processes. Fox Animated Engineering has engineering field experience and construction industry insight, giving our animations more credibility and influence.

Once our Engineers and draftsman have modeled your objects in CAD up to a thousandth of an inch in accuracy, our professional artists texturize, color and light the scene, making it as real as the day it happened. Effortlessly show the audience places real cameras can’t be positioned. Unseen on the outside, you can effectively communicate what happened by cutting pipes, valves, machinery and other equipment in half, displaying the inside.

Fox Animated Engineering specializes in visualization of survey data, foundation settlement, and cracking/component failures for machinery, structures, bridges and more. From animating OSHA violations causing bodily injuries and fatalities to time and materials affecting critical paths we make your argument tangible by recreating what happened. Before you can clearly convey technical information, you must first understand the technical information ­ that’s why Fox Animated Engineering is comprised of artists AND engineers unlike most animation and rendering companies.

Griffith J. Winthrop, III Attorney at Law

3 Year Litigation Settled in Less Than 24 Hours

Cody and his team at Fox Animation did a great job for our trial team and clients. We gave them a very short deadline and they produced high-quality animation, specifically tailored to our complex case. We represented six plaintiffs who suffered brain injuries from exposure to carbon monoxide in a commercial office building. The case was heavily litigated for 3 years and the cause and origin of the carbon monoxide were in dispute. Cody was able to work tirelessly with our team and our expert to bring our expert's cause and origin opinions to life in vivid and persuasive detail. I produced the animation to the other side on the Thursday before we started a month-long trial. The case settled within 24 hours for a total recovery of $13,000,000.00.

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