We are a company driven to helping people better understand information, enabling easier decision making, and driving wholehearted and contagious action.  This is not only applicable to life outside litigation, it is also highly applicable in the world of litigation whether at trial or in the war room.  Communicating information with elegant clarity is our passion, and we strive to radiate this culture of excellence to our clients and even the opposition.  We not only communicate  information by telling a story, but we inspire others to see stances and interpreted data through your lense, cultivating fresh opinions that may not have been planted otherwise.  These cultivated opinions inspire action – whether it’s a juror who inspires other jurors, or opposing attorneys persuading their clients to carry out a more reasonable settlement because they are seeing it your way – the greater your opinion is solidified by others, the greater the ripple effect of action can be expected.  This is an art we have mastered through great discipline and meticulous attention to detail, and we will deliver this work of art to you if given such an opportunity.

Our family culture at Fox-AE is simple:

  1.  Exceed our client’s expectations in quality and credentials.
  2. Deliver high quality work products on time, every time.
  3. Adhere to the moral obligation of never disregarding or manipulating undisputed evidence.

Credentials you can expect from our graphics specialists:

  • OSHA certified
  • Professional Engineer
  • Attended Northwestern Chicago, IL Reconstruction School
  • Other reconstruction training pertaining to graphics and visuals
  • Previously tendered as a reconstruction expert witness
  • A decade of construction field experience, witnessed hundreds of accidents first hand
  • Graphical Illustrations for hundreds of cases
  • Medical background with 12 years as ortho surgeon assistant
  • Math and physics expert
  • Aided with designs of patent pending technology
  • Master storyteller and communicator
  • Winner

Give us a call.  Let’s inspire action together.

Phone:  573-684-3695

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